The Basics

Humble Oak is a non-profit outdoor learning center that provides nature-based programming to connect individuals of all ages more deeply to themselves, the land, and the greater community.

The Details

Humble Oak has been brewing for quite some time.  It started with a sensing that the Earth and people were needing something “more”.  And so the seed was planted deep in the ground.  Those who were asking the question and feeling this impulse had immediate work to do in their present lives with young children and full jobs.  But it stayed safe and sound in the depths of their souls and eventually began to find its way towards the light as Violet Glen, a small Forest School in East Troy, was born.  This was a first step and began with five children in its Founder’s home and backyard space.  The children were given freedom to play, have time for beauty and awe, and practice being in loving community with one another.  This space filled with love and meaningful attention fed the children and the adults lucky enough to share in their energy.  This good energy nourished the quiet seed still patiently waiting and invited many ideas, inspirations, questions, and long conversations.  Violet Glen quietly flourished and suddenly became essential as Covid shut down all community gatherings indoors.  We were already about 75% outdoor based, so shifted to 100% outdoor based and invited more children to come and play and experience joy in the midst of a very uncertain, challenging, scary time.  Time in the Glen was a world away from the fear and sadness swirling in our adult lives.  It was around then that this “idea” that had been planted transformed into a “need” for our young generation, adults, and the earth.  This seed began to find its own roots and its own will to emerge as the planners, thinkers, doers, and caretakers of this impulse, strengthening their own wills, grew in size and thoughtfully created a medium for this good work to be expressed through Humble Oak.  It continues to unfold and be a work in progress as we are present with the realities of our world, the strength of our hearts, and the capacities of our souls.

Winter story time