A Living School 

Humble Oak "A Living School"

A Living School:  As we learn about and engage in more regenerative ways of working in relationship with our natural world, we will incorporate daily learning into this practice of mindful living. 

KinderForest (The Squirrels), Ages 3 - 7 

We will utilize the innate healing properties of the natural world and its elements in this important work with the children.  They will be given much time and open space to play, discover, create, and imagine on a daily basis.  In observing the group and each individual child, meaningful songs, verses, stories, activities, projects, and crafts that connect with and nourish their mind, body, and soul will be woven into their work and play.  There will be many opportunities for daily meaningful tasks, helping the children find purpose in being, and grow confidence in their capabilities.  We will work in partnership with parents to mutually hold each child in shared conversation and insight.  We will always be forthright and honest and listen with an open ear in communication in this important work of helping our children come into themselves.  Kinder Forest classes will not exceed 12 children with a 1:6 adult/child ratio.

Early School Age Program (Beavers), Ages 7 - 10

Beavers are good builders and considered a keystone animal, having much impact on the other animals and ecosystem with which they coexist.  In this program we hope to offer many possible opportunities for creative growth and discovery as we invite the use of a variety of tools and materials.  Our school year program will reflect a seasonal curriculum wheel, emphasizing certain qualities for each different block. These qualities or character traits will be based on ways in which we can live in best relation with ourselves, each other, and the Earth.  Activities, stories, and skills brought within the blocks will directly correlate with the essence of that season or time of the year.  The children will be given a good amount of time and space for play and community building as they begin to develop a healthy social life.  We will be in conversation daily as we practice sharing and listening.  We will equally honor a space for solitude and quiet, recognizing our unique individual gifts, interests, and thoughts we all carry.  Interwoven in our day will be an energy of wonder, joy, and love as we collectively practice mindful living.  ESA classes will not exceed 15 students, with at least 2 adults cooperatively holding the class. 

Adolescent Program (The Hawks), Ages 11 - 14

This program will largely be experiential and bigger project based.  As the children are venturing into young adulthood we hope to offer opportunities to strengthen and engage their curiosity and confidence, as well as offer exposure to many different mediums of interest to practice and pursue.  While putting great emphasis on our collective community, we hope to equally invite the children to explore and further develop their personal passions.  Alongside this work of craft and skill building, we will interweave opportunities to practice being in good relationship with their peers and their inner person through daily conversations of relevant issues in our immediate world and our outer world.  These exchanges will always be facilitated by a thoughtful adult, guiding them into a practice of healthy communicating and listening in a safe, non-judgmental space.  Adolescent Programs will not exceed 10 students with at least 2 adults cooperatively holding the space.