Open Position: Assistant Squirrel Guide 

Humble Oak Living Forest School is seeking a new staff member to help support the important work of being a Guide to young children at this time.  We are looking to hire a part time Assistant Guide for  our Squirrel students, ages 3 - 6/7. If you are seeking to contribute in a meaningful way to the whole body, healthy development of our younger generations, have substantial experience and understanding in the realm of early childhood, are comfortable spending much time outdoors all year round in varying conditions, are actively engaged in the work of personal self growth in the midst of a supportive community, we have an exceptional opportunity available for the 2024/25 Programming Year.  

Squirrel Assistant Guide Description:  Assistants will help facilitate the class with the Lead Guide. They must be  physically and mentally prepared and present for the day to carry out the necessary tasks to help support the overall well-being of the children.  They will always be mindful of our Humble Oak Mission in relation to their work and engagements with the children.  They will invest time and attention into their own best care and self development to provide a model of healthy growth and well-being for the children.  Assistants will be knowledgeable of safety rules and regulations and will ensure these qualities are being met and addressed.  Assistants will be open to and invite feedback from their cooperating Guide and will bring forth, in a direct, non-judgemental way, any questions, suggestions, concerns, or personal needs that may arise throughout the work day.  Assistants will be prepared to step in, in the event a Lead Guide is absent, to fulfill the role of the Lead Guide, with the support of a substitute. It is important to note that the majority of your day will be outside, even in the winter. Our staff will support you in tips for weathering the weather, but your good attitude is a must.

Hours of Work, Lunch, and Break Times:  Schedule is from 9:00am and 3:15pm.  Any changes to these hours will  be communicated to staff with adequate time to prepare and plan.  Lunch will be eaten with the children during the work day.  Break times will be 15 minutes staggered during the midday rest period.

Holidays, Vacations, Sick Leave, Leaves of Absence:  We have a number of breaks and days off scheduled throughout the program calendar year.  For hourly employees, Humble Oak will creatively work with each individual to best support Staff needs in relation to financial and other resources available.  We invite feedback and suggestions from Staff to offer a working environment that feels truly supportive and appreciative of the investment they are making in our programming goals.

Compensation: Compensation for our Assistant position ranges from $14 - $18/hr.  We will work with each individual in finding an amount that feels fair and falls within our range of capacity as an Organization.

Start Date: Aug 28, 2024

If Interested:  Please send a current resume, cover letter, and three references to Erin Houlihan at ehoulihan@humbleoak.org

Applications will be considered if received by June 19, 2024.